Daily Glassware

by Nikkel Blaase, 2013

About Daily Glassware

Google Glass is a wearable next generation device, which offers augmented reality. It is controlled via a touch-interface, by tilting the head or by voice activation. Those voice commands start with "OK, glass …". Applications running on Glass are called Glassware. I'm providing ideas for Glassware in a daily manner, playing with the possibilities, wishes and fear of this device. To see how it feels wearing glass, please go to google.com/glass/start.

#18 / 6th June

"ok glass, what's on HBO right now?"
Google Glass shows tv schedule.

#17 / 5th June

"ok glass, let's start the presentation."
Google Glass shows presentation slides.

#16 / 4rd June

"ok glass, when is my next appointment?"
Google Glass shows the next appointment.

#15 / 3rd June

Google Glass offers a digital checkout via Google Wallet.

#14 / 2nd June

"ok glass, how much is my shopping?"
Google Glass shows the all round price of your shopping.

#13 / 1st June

"ok glass, how healthy is my food?"
Google Glass shows nutrition facts about a cheeseburger.

#12 / 31th May

"ok glass, watch my condition."
Google Glass warns you when you fall asleep while driving.

#11 / 30th May

"ok glass, how is my team doing?"
Google Glass gives you an updated sport table.

#10 / 29th May

"ok glass, how do I build the cupboard?"
Google Glass guides you how to build a cupboard.

#09 / 28th May

"ok glass, show the flight data."
Google Glass shows all important flight data to the pilots.

#08 / 27th May

"ok glass, cook pan-fried pasta with me."
Google Glass gives you instructions how to cook a particular meal.

#07 / 26th May

"ok glass, record my interview."
Google Glass records an interview instead of a dictating machine.

#06 / 25th May

"ok glass, record a livestream."
Google Glass records a live stream out of the cinema while you watch the movie.

#05 / 24th May

"ok glass, check if this is a stolen car."

#04 / 23rd May

"ok glass, are we there yet?"
Google Glass gives travel information about your journey.

#03 / 22nd May

"ok glass, how are the blood values?"

#02 / 21st May

"ok glass, start endoscopy."

#01 / 20th May

"ok glass, show me the patient's health condition."